Markdwon too slow

It seems cost about 30s to rendering the markdwon page after modification. Is there any way to accelerate it?

Open a ticket with Support. Open DEVONthink Help, press option, and choose “Report Bug” to send DEVONtechnologies support info about what’s going on with your machine.

30 seconds to render Markdown is not normal and not common.

Yeah, I noticed the same. My workaround is to hit cmd + s after making changes. Saving seems to trigger a refresh of the preview.

In my case, when I have a large text file, it does indeed take a long time to be rendered if I happen to open the record. I get 20-30 secs of the dreaded spinning beach volley ball. When the text file is short, it renders in normal speed.

Perhaps there is something that can be done to speed things up that does not necessarily entail splitting up files?

The preview is currently not automatically updated, only after saving or after automatic saving (e.g. due to switching to another window/app).

Thanks, I missed this action.