Marked text in PDF can’t be copied

I just installed an update of DTTG (2.7.2.). When text is marked it can not be copied to clipboard, no context sensitive menu for formatting etc pops up. Is this a bug or new design. The behavior is irritating.

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What kind of document do you use?

A lager pdf file. No problem with this file using earlier versions of DTTG (Hardware iPad Pro). No problem with this document in 2.7.1 on my iPhone.

Does this happen on iPhone too? Anything else on screen except for DEVONthink To Go?

I am not seeing the issue with build 16365 on the iPhone, but I can confirm it on the iPad.

Same here; with both devices running DTTG 2.7.2 no problem on an iPhone XS running iOS 12.4.1, but on an iPad Pro 10.5” (also iOS 12.4.1) there is no selection bar for copy, cut etc.

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Thank you for confirming. We’ll have a look (and I already know where to look).

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Yeah, I’ve already checked under the bed and in my pockets, but it’s not there. Hope you’re more successful :wink:

Same problem when pointing somewhere into a PDF document.
DTTG 2.7.1 on iPhone displays a selection menu when pointing somewhere (after showing a lens).
DTTG 2.7.2 on iPad: displays a lens, no menu appears.

Problem disappears in split view mode.

I can confirm that here too.

Yes, it’s related to detecting if the PDF view is frontmost. Otherwise the PDF view even “captures” the editing menu of, e.g., the Info screen. We’ll improve this for the next version.

When can the next version be expected?

We don’t comment on development timeframes. Announcements are made as information becomes available.

Is it possible to downgrade?

No. Apple doesn’t make downgrading like this possible in iOS.

No worries. It won’t be that long (but it also won’t be next week as there’s something else waiting for our attention).

Hey. Eric

I just had to tell you that this app is not useful if there is no option to copy or select and delete.
You lost all of those functions in this version.

Please at least upgrade the previous version. Seriously.

You have also lost the possibility to create or to access notes, associated with underlined etc text. This is only possible in split view mode, there only in „1:1“-mode.

Can you clarify what you are referring to?