marking text in pdf files


first of all, my congratulations to devon technologies for a great piece of software.

here comes my question: it seems that I cannot mark text in dt’s internal viewer in pdf files. I would like to do this to be able to make clippings from pdfs. when I open the file externally with mac os x preview, it’s perfectly possible to mark text.

what’s going wrong here?

thanks and best regards

still could not solve the problem and appreciate any help… :slight_smile: thanks

Correct. Text cannot be selected from indexed PDFs.

This will change in a future version. With the release of the Tiger OS, Apple will provide developers PDFKit and the programming hooks to provide similar functionality to Preview, but inside DEVONthink.

Can we have an aproximate time table on this? It’s a very important capability to me and I am pissed off at Adobe for teasing us with the ability in prior versions of Reader and then taking it away. Now you need a whole expensive infrastructure to even use markup and sticky note annotations.


If I gave you a timetable – no matter how vague – I’d get derisive comments from forum users. :slight_smile:

The developers are working with PDFKit and will mine everything they can from it. (I hope that PDFKit is more fully formed than was WebKit at the latter’s initial introduction.)

Try out non-contiguous text selection and annotations with Preview 3. I’m still waiting for my new Mac with Tiger. FedEx reports that it left Kansas City this morning and is on the way.