Mastodon Servers


Jus curious- what server in Mastodon is everyone using? I signed up for Mastodon just to “Follow” DEVONtechnologies.

I just just picked some random server under the ART topics called It’s dedicated to artists (I am a Graphic Designer) and I also write, draw, and I am into photography and crafting as well.

I’m at, Argentinian one (I’m Spanish talking) that has not much political bias and allows almost all kind of opinions related to all (they only filter most radical stuff, like nz and so). You can even “josear” local users (that is make fun of their comments, altering them in a fun way). However, most of it is in Spanish.

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Thank you for responding! Sounds like a great server! However, I don’t speak Spanish. I forgot to mention that in my post…

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