MathJax expand Wikilinks in Markdown

Dear all,

I am reporting a problem about math/code rendering in markdown files when automatic wikilinks are detected.

In DT3 users can esily include the new MathJax support, in most cases math rendering works in DT3 quite well. However, in case of an existence of automatic wikilinks, the linked addresses will be inserted into the text fragment and rendered in preview. E.g.,

If I give in following text,


along with an existing file named sin.h inside the same datebase, wikilinks feature will modify the function name \sin into a clickable link, at the same time, $ will enforce rendering in raw text, which will expand the linked address completely, and finally I will get something like

[sin](x−devonthink−item://8DC3DBE9 ...

I encountered the similar problem when using both displayed and inlined versions of codeblocks and MathJax formulae.

My question: Is it possible to deactivate wikilinks inside codeblock and MathJax formulae? Thanks.

PS: I list some cases that I found rendering failed.

(1) inline math $\sin{\Pi}$
(2) displayed math $$\sin{\Pi}$$
(3) inline code `class Foo`
(4) block code by triple backquotes ```.
(5) block code by indenting 4 space bars.

No, this isn’t possible yet. Could you send an example document to cgrunenberg - at - Thanks.

I will send you per email. Thanks for your response.