MathJax newline doesn’t seem to work


When writing math in Markdown documents, I noticed that MathJax newline doesn’t work. For example, when I type $$x\\=y$, I expect a line break just before the equal sign because I wrote \\ there. I tried the same in MacDown, another Markdown editor with MathJax support, and the line break was rendered as expected.

Is this a bug in DEVONthink? Thank you in advance.

Is this definitely a MathJax feature? E.g. it doesn’t work over there either:

I’m not familiar enough to tell. The thread Jim linked to didn’t seem to suggest otherwise, FWIW.

Note MacDown doesn’t use MultiMarkdown. I’m not at my Mac this minute but I’m betting MultiMarkdown Composer doesn’t display the break either.

Either way, is it possible to insert line breaks in MathJax when editing Markdown documents in DEVONthink?

This works for me:

x & = & 4\\
y & = & x^2 \\
  & = & 16

Thank you for helping out a MathJax noob! It works for me too.

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Thanks for jumping in with this solution. It’s appreciated!

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