Meaning of Different Sync Icons (Sync Panel in DT3 Prefs)

Within the DT3 preferences, on the Sync panel, I have noticed a number of different icons and wanted to clarify what they mean.

All of the Local databases in the list have the same icon, which I assume means that this is a DT3 database being sycned through the specified sync-store location:

Within the Remote section, I see multiple icons:

Based on the icon style, I assume that this one is a legacy (DT2) database that is not synced to the local machine:

These two icons in the Remote section, however, do not obviously represent distinct sync scenarios:
Snip20200211_6 Snip20200211_5

Can anyone clarify what the various icons signify in the sync context?

Yes and Yes on the first two.

The last = a DEVONthink 3 database and a DEVONthink To Go database.

Thanks, @BLUEFROG!

For the DTTG remote icon, does this just represent the application (in this case, DTTG) where the database was originally created? Are there any special considerations about syncing this database locally based on the fact that it was originally created in DTTG? Is there any need to ‘convert’ a DTTG remote database into a DT3 remote database?

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

Yep. It’s the generating application’s icon. It’s just an icon for convenience’s sake.

No special considerations and no conversion is needed.