Media settings -image

Wondering why is it that when I open a merged file (# of pictures) it opens at its original size which is 100% even though I have set image display “Zoom to fit”

Some pictures in the merged file are horizontally(landscape/iphone), could that be why?


Looks like unchecking “zoom to fit” to checking “Zoom to width” And then checking “zoom to fit” again fixed it. Temporarily? Who knows. Strange!

The merged file is a PDF document, therefore the default view settings for PDFs in Preferences > Media are used.

Still the problem persist, this was the same with DT2 too, had the same issue.

I checked “zoom to fit” or “Zoom to width” but still it opens at 100%
To see the merged file on window frame, I have to click on the toolbar buttons

Only the PDF Display option is used as it’s not an image anymore.

Ok, but the PDF display is on single page continuous. All other PDF display normal.

Also sometimes it displays correctly (on the window frame/Zoom fit/width) not at 100% even after closing the app then opening again it displays ok. But most of the time it opens at 100%

Thanks, looks like the new “automatically resize” option fix my issue.

Thanks again for your time Chris.