memory leak with RSS?

I am certainly not up to date on the technicals of how the memory and caching is managing, and frankly, that’s more than I want to know… mostly because I’m in the middle of a book and digging in the snippets I’ve been collecting on a totally different subject.

that said, I’ve noticed something… I have one research database that is huge. I tend to have it, a personal paper, and some small databases open all the time.

I’ve never seen DT get unruly on the activity monitor – during intensive scanning OCR batches, I’ve seen it get big on real mem, but maybe shy of 300 MB, once going up to 500.

Recently I made a new database and added about 50 rss feeds.

Now, DT is constantly growing… it had grown to 1.5 GB of real mem!!!

I just closed the database, quit DT, and reopened, and it opened at 118 MB.

I can only deduce this is a problem with the RSS feeds, as no other behavior has changed, and I haven’t had a big addition of stuff, rather just reading right now.

has anybody else seen this? Is it a runaway cache or is this a problem with the RSS engine?

I did another little test. It was at 117 MB on the real mem and around 200 on the virtual mem.

While not using the computer, but it on, I let it sit with the regular databases, plus the rss database open. over about an hour or two, it grew to 210 MB real, and 260 virtual.

I closed the rss database. It’s falling now. 190 real, 242 virtual.

Right after loading a database, the memory usage is minimal. Additional stuff might be loaded on demand (e.g. while searching, classifying or importing/indexing) and increase the memory usage. To check the maximal memory usage, use Tools > Verify & Repair.

Thanks! I did what you said, and it’s very reasonable on my 3GB system so long as I do not have that database with the rss feeds open.

When I have the rss feeds database open, devonthink will keep growing and growing and growing and growing until I close the rss database and quit devonthink. That’s the only reason I noticed it was because everything else was getting slow to respond.

I’ve left the rss database closed for a couple weeks, and devonthink has been a very good citizen. It grows when I am working in it, scanning, and ocr. But then, later, after the activity dies down, it goes back to smaller sizes.

It has to be something with the rss process, because only when that is operating does the resource usage go nuts and keep growing.