Menu bar icon is always black in Big Sur, even with dark desktop/menu bar

I have upgraded to Big Sur (11.0.1) and use one of the stock desktop images – one of the dynamic images that changes throughout the day.

During the day the desktop is bright, and therefore all the icons in the now-translucent menu bar are black. At some point in the evening, as the desktop image gets darker, the menu bar images and text flip to white. All, that is, except the DevonThink sorter icon, which remains black. When I click on it, it becomes white – but reverts back to black when I click away. Because of this, at night when the desktop image and menu bar are very dark, the sorter icon is essentially impossible to see.

I should note that when I use the text option, it works properly, changing to white as the menu bar darkens. It’s the icon option that never flips to white. This is in DevonThink Pro 3.5.2.

This should be addressed in the next release.

Good news – thanks!