Menubar option open

It is possible to close Devonthink 3 Pro but keep the Menubar option available? Wasn’t the sorter on the old version available when the application was closed?

It was possible in DEVONthink 2. However, due to the much tighter integration and increased functionality of the Sorter in DEVONthink 3, it is not possible now.

One workaround is to simply hide the app, the Sorter will be still accessible.

Blimey, thank you both for such quick replies! My only reason for closing Devonthink is to preserve system resources when I’m not using it. But like to add notes etc from the Menubar item.

@empire01 Just curious… do you find that shortage of system resources caused by DEVONthink is interfering with the use of your machine? I find that I keep DEVONthink open all the time (with a dozen databases open) is not noticable at all. OSX just takes care of it. Your experience is different?

Not really, not a problem. Doesn’t seem to take up much CPU but I try and restrict the number of applications open, simply to improve speed etc.
Devonthink isn’t a problem but would have closed it if it didn’t mean I lost the Menubar function.
Sorry bit of vague answer!