Merge PDF bugs

Hi, using DTPO 2.0pb7, there’s a couple of bugs in the Merge command. I’ve been playing around with merging multipage PDF documents.

Bug 1. Merging seems to increase the file size too much. Say the first document is 1MB & the document is 1.5MB. The resulting merge will be approximately 2.5MB when merging using Preview in Leopard. Using the Merge command in DTPO results in a file closer to 3MB. Opening a document in DTPO, then dragging another document into the sidebar more closely approximates what Preview’s file size is.

Bug 2. Using the last method mentioned about to merge PDF documents by dragging into the sidebar… This is not undoable. The Undo menu undoes the previous action. It’s as if this action never happened. There’s no way to undo it.