Merge PDF creating RTFD file not single PDF

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I have imported 365 jpegs into DTPO. I then select all and convert them to searchable PDFs. I then select all and then merge. However, the result is NOT a singe PDF but an RTFD with hyperlinks to individual PDFs. I tried the same process with only a limited number of the single PDFs and it worked fine; they were collated into a single PDF. Any thoughts?

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Did you really use Data > Merge? Because only Data > Create Table of Contents should create a rich text document containing links to the documents.

Yes. Here’s a screenshot:


UPDATE: When I import the 365 jpegs and then merge (skipping the step whereby I convert each jpeg to a searchable PDF) DTPO does merge all JPEGS into one PDF. However, it does not order them in the way I would like. Adobe and ABBY, when converting a batch of, say, 100 JPEGS to one PDF will order them from lowest to highest number in the sequence. The merge command in DTPO orders the pages of the PDF from highest to lowest number. Which means that page 1 of the PDF is actually the last JPEG in the sequence thus making the PDF ordered in the opposite way I want.

It might be helpful to explain what I am doing, and have done A LOT using DTPO. I am a historian. Archives often allow digital photography of documents. I take JPEGs of individual pages of a set of manuscript records. In the case I am writing about it’s 365 pages of material. I take the JPEGS, convert to OCR PDF and then have a single document, albeit often long, to read from.

Today, for some reason, this is not working–as I described in my initial message.

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Is this checked…?

No, should it be? I have never intentionally checked or unchecked it.


If it’s unchecked, you’ll see a page icon similar to what you’ve shown.
With it checked, it should show a preview of the PDF content.

The merge command in DEVONthink actually orders the documents based on the sort order of the group containing the documents. I addressed that in an earlier post on the forum located here.

The relevant (to this discussion) summary of that post is this:
“What does determine the order is how the documents are ordered in the list e.g. if you sort alpha ascending, then the documents will merge docA, docB, docC,… Sort alpha descending and the documents will merge docC, docB, docA,…”

If your merged documents are ordered with the number highest to lowest, it is likely because you have the group sorted in Descending order. Change the sort order to Ascending, and you should see the results that you are looking for.

Many thanks to all. I am consistently pleased with the advice and help I receive here.

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