Merge PDF files but keep custom Meta data


is there a way of merging a page to a PDF without loosing the metadata of that PDF?

/ I add insurance feedback to a PDF containing all previous receipts and communication regarding one issue. this PDF is tagged and has some custom Meta data. I don’t want to re enter all that info. but I’d like a way of quickly appending new communication
I do not want to make groups as that becomes to messy in my view.


Merging uses all selected items, retaining the custom metadata would be only possible for common values. One workaround might be to open the first document, open the Tools > Inspector > Contents > Thumbnails inspector and finally drag & drop the second document to the inspector to insert it.

maybe it would be possible to have this in a future update as an “append” feature. i´d use that probably 20 times a day :slight_smile:

i do use preview now, open both files, open thumbnail view, dragging the pages over, closing all files. its a tedious workflow that cant really be automated … having an option to append a file with a keystroke would really be a timesaver.
Merge is working now in Devonthink really well and i love the function. But having found the custom meta as an amazing way of enhancing the integration of all the info I have is now putting me back to manual mode …

Ideas of how it could work:

  • Drag and Drop a file onto another with holding down option for example.
  • Or first selected file is “main”, second gets appended.
  • Or rightclick “append file” - then select the file in a file browser window…

i don´t know if thats an option to think about if others would like that functionality as well? Or is everyone else just using a group? I like to have it in a file, because i am able to fix the way pages are sorted - and the files are never separate - not in search, not in smart-groups etc. …

thanks for taking note! its really amazing how active you are with your product.

This could also be scripted:

tell application id "DNtp"
	set theSelection to selected records
	if theSelection is not {} then
		set theMergedRecord to merge records theSelection
		set custom meta data of theMergedRecord to custom meta data of item 1 of theSelection
	end if
end tell

Well, theoretically… due to a typo in the AppleScript suite of version 3.8 the merge command isn’t available. The next release will fix this of course.

:star_struck: awesome … thank you sooo much!!! (any estimate when this will be released? :slight_smile: )

We don’t announce release dates, I’m sorry.