Merge PDF files

I’m scanning to PDF (non-OCR) and have several documents for a given scan set. The S300M has a tray capacity that I sometimes exceed with my batch of papers, so I scan in groups.

I now have two to three PDF files in the InBox.

I can go to file2.pdf, select all (in the sidebar to the right of the PDF), Copy and go to file1.pdf and Paste and the two documents are now in one PDF and I delete file2.pdf.

My issue is that when I select the last page of file1.pdf (file1.pdf page 10 of 10), and Paste, pages 1-10 of file2.pdf page 10 of file1.pdf gets pushed to the end.

I can manually drag it up back into position, but is there a way to paste “after” page page 10 of 10, not before?

Why not select the PDFs and use Data > Merge? Use document names and sorting to put them into the right sequence before merging. Merging is non-destructive – it creates a new, merged document, and doesn’t modify the originals.

Or, to avoid merging, select the ScanSnap setting “Continue scanning after current scan is finished” to tell the ScanSnap manager to prompt you after every batch scanned as to whether you want to append the next batch into the same document.

Simple answer. I didn’t know I could do that. That’s exactly what I’m looking for!

I’d rather use the Merge feature you mentioned than have extra ScanSnap Profiles (they only allow a limited amount of presets).

Forget my post. The trick is to uncheck the “Use Quick Menu” from the app’s main menu or the context sensitive menu from the Dock’s icon.

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The image shown, with “Continue scanning after current scan is finished” option does not appear in my Scansnap Manager, so I checked and downloaded a more recent version from Scansnap. However when I open the settings, the Application tab is grayed out and I can’t set it to scan to DTPO. (The option mentioned above does appear.) I rebooted the mac but that didn’t help, the Applications tab cannot be clicked. I tried reinstalling the DT plug-ins, again no help.

I restored my old Scansnap folder in /Applications from Time Machine and got things back to where they were. I can scan to DTPO (I did have to add DTPO to the list). But, does anyone know what I missed when installing the newest version of Scansnap Manager? I found no way to make the Applications tab work with that new version, hence couldn’t scan to DTPO.

Thanks for any ideas.