"merge with remote database" on Inbox

I’ve got this weird message on the sync preferences on DT on my Mac. There’s nothing I can find in the manual about it. What do I do?

The local inbox was not fully merged with the remote inbox of this sync store, e.g. when a sync location was just added and it’s still in progress. Were any issues reported in the Log window?

Just one entry dated today - Inbox, failed database verification. Please repair.

repair showed 1 inconsistency, 2 missing files.

Repair failed. My DTTG inboxes have completely different contents, that I removed/moved from the inbox on the Mac several weeks ago.

How do I resolve this…

Look in the log. probably will give you a clue about the files missing which hopefully you can then understand what happened and what to do.

All the log says is files missing.

You need to tend to the missing files.
This is discussed in the Help > Documentation > Troubleshooting > Repairing a defective database > Missing Files section.

All the issues cleared up, and the inboxes on all devices synced up when I did an “empty trash” on the Devonthink on the main Mac.

Glad to hear it.