Merged Documents

I am working on my dissertation and will merge several documents in order to keep everything together (i.e. the article - PDF, extracted annotations created in Highlights, comment summary with highlights created in Adobe, and a research critique document (rtf). I do use tags. I just noticed that when I search for a word, DT will return results from the research critique and the extracted annotations from Highlights, but will not return results for the PDF or the comment summary from said PDF prepared in Adobe. Do I need to “un-merge” or split the documents out to be able to make the PDFs searchable again? Other advice or thoughts? I am new to DT so if possible instructions are helpful. Many advance thanks.

If you Merge multiple document types, it becomes and RTFD file. The embedded PDF is NOT searchable in that case.

makes sense. Is there a way to undo merge?

There should be no need to undo a merge. The merged document is created as a separate document from those that were merged:
So if I merge:

Doc 1
Doc 2

I get

Merged Doc

as a THIRD document, leaving Doc 1 and Doc 2 unchanged.

If you want to undo a merge, just delete the merged document.

well this assumes the original documents were kept, which in my case they were not. I was trying to simply…lesson learned.

You can just drag the PDF(s) out of the merged document, either directly in DEVONthink or reveal the merged document in the Finder, right-click and select Show Package Contents and drag it out from there. Any merged text documents will remain in a single text file, so those would need to be split out manually if needed.

thank you so much! What a relief!

As a follow up, I have split out the documents, the problem is however that Pdfs remained embedded and are not searchable. All other documents were able to be split out and are searchable. The PDFS are journal articles that were merged with RTFs.