Merging and searching PDF files

Is it possible to merge a few PDF files into one file, such that it would be searchable as one document when using Devonthink or some other PDF reader?

I am user Personal edition for the moment. If this is do-able in
the Professional but not the Personal edition, that would be good to know, also.

Or, alternatively, since I am such a newbie DT user, perhaps there is a way to do a search of a folder that contains multiple PDF files and do the search that way? The idea is to only search a limited set of PDF files at a time.

I still don’t know half of what DT is capable of.

If this is really obvious, please excuse my ignorance. Just wait until you see my next question …

James Goss

Yes, that can be done in the Pro version by sorting and selecting multiple PDFs in the order in which they should be merged, then choosing Data > Merge.

I think that can be done in the Personal version as well.

Yes, you can limit a search to the contents of a group.

You can also use Preview if you are in the standard DT version by using drag and drop on the right bar of thumbnail pages , you can also arrange individual pages within a document and have some advanced annotation features of Preview .