Merging case-desensitized tags?

I’d like to turn off case-sensitive tagging in my database (or rather, turn on case-insensitive tagging) because it turns out I have a lot of them. I also use #hashtags a lot to tag documents, and can never remember what I’ve capitalized.

I’ve done a quick test and it doesn’t seem like just checking the Database Properties box for case-insensitive tagging will automatically merge existing tags, but will just apply to new ones.

Is there a quick way to have DT merge all the newly-duplicated tags?

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That is correct. It’s not retroactively applied.

You can select a pair of tags and merge them via the Tools menu or the contextual menu.

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Thanks! But no (easy) way to have the program do it for all pairs of tags, like some magical hidden “eliminate duplicates” command?

And also - if I enable case-insensitive tagging, will it apply to new instances of tagging?

For instance if I have two tags, “cane_sugar” and “Cane_sugar”, and I write #cane_sugar in a document, will it be tagged with just the lowercase one, or both?

After enabling this option use File > Verify & Repair Database…. This will detect duplicate tags having a different case and merge them.


Hooray! Alas, I just did that:


but it doesn’t seem to have worked:


Did you enable case insensitive tagging first? And are these tags located in the just repaired database?

OK, so, yes I had enabled it and they are in the right database.

So here is my confusion. When I look under the “Tags” group, I only see the lower case “polariscopes”:


However, I also have a smart group called “all_tags” because I sometimes want to see all tags at once, including nested ones:

And there, both lowercase and uppercase still exist:


FYI, the uppercase one - which does not appear in the regular Tags view - ultimately nests within the main Tags group, but along the way some of its parents are other tags that are set to exclude tagging (that is a confusing sentence):


Is one of these tags a subtag of another tag?

I am not 100% sure what you mean by “subtag,” but “polariscopes” lowercase just lives in the main Tags group:


whereas “Polariscopes” capitalized is nested within several other tags:

That’s the issue as only top level tags having a different case are merged currently.

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