Merging Databases in 2023

I have five databases that I would like to merge into one so that I can use replicants more effectively. IS there any best practice I should follow when merging them? Anyone have some advice, especially about pitfalls to watch out for? I added in “in 2023” because I see there was already a topic created on this in 2007. :slight_smile:

There is nothing new. Merging is most commonly done via drag and drop between databases. However, I would suggest you move small batches of data, not trying to mass move thousands of files at once.

I appreciate this helpful recommendations from Bluefrog, as he has a lot of experience. I have done so in the past (as I have known this recommendation). But, indeed, I do not really understand why it is advisable to move only small batches of data. Couldn’t devonthink do this automatically when a large amount of data is dragged and dropped?

The “drag and drop” and copying and moving and all that is part of macOS. DEVONthink just calling the system to do work for it. Something going on inside macOS with all the complex buffering, queues, pointers, virtual memory, real memory, etc.

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How do you eat an elephant?
One bite at a time.

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