Merging Databases

I have 2 databases that developed separately but now need to be merged, because they have converged. How is that done? My two islands of data seem to be completely separated from one another.

Why can’t I open 2 databases at a time? I open one and it closes the other preventing me from copying one into the other.

What do i do?

If I were you, I’d go to the DT download page at and download the Public Beta of DT version 2. This version allows you to open more than one database as a time.

I’m using DT Pro Office.

A way to merge databases in DT Pro 1.x is to export the contents of one of them to the Finder, then import that material into the other database.

From the Split view, select ALL the contents of the database, choose File > Export > Files & Folders and create a new Finder folder into which the data are to be saved.

When the export is completed, open the database into which the exported content is to be merged. Choose File > Import > Files & Folders, and select ALL the content of the Finder folder that holds that material.