Merging PDFs with different layout size

I am merging two pdf files of different layout size - one is a paper in regular A4 paper size, the other are my handwritten notes, which are (for whatever reason and unfortunately not changeable) much bigger in virtual paper size.

now the merged PDF retains the difference in size showing the former notes pdf in full width and the actual paper much smaller, which is a nuisance.

is there any way to harmonize all pages of the merged PDF to the same layout size within DT?

Page sizes are part of the PDF itself so they’re displaying in sizes relative to their actual dimensions.

Try switching to View > PDF Display > Single Page. Is that better?

I already had single page enabled, however combined with continuous scroll. disabling continuous scroll is now fixing the pdf pages to the window height irrespective of paper layout, which is a great step forward - thank you.

however is it possible to combine that with the pdf pages using the window width instead of the height to fix to?

interestingly DT keeps (re-)enabling continuous scroll when switching to another file and then coming back to the previous one…

See Preferences > Files > Multimedia.

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