meta data


i have two questions regarding to the meta data of a dt record.

first, can i add a key value pair on my own?
based on some algorithms i try to estimate the “tonality” of a blog entry. after this process i want to add a |emotion| key to the meta data record. this data will be used in some other scripts later on. to “misuse” the comment field is not really an option, because the value should not be changeable for the dt enduser.

second questions is more a applescript question to be honest.
I have done a lot of smalltalk programming in the past, but i’m still a applescript newbe. in smalltalk a record is called a dictionary and you can send a message “keys” to the dictionary. the result would be a list of all keys. that would simplify my export script for the meta data a lot. is this possible in applescript as well?

best regards

thorsten dittmar

There’s no support for custom meta data yet (will be part of v2.x) and therefore the “meta data” property is read only.