Metadata indicating source of document?

Is there any metadata or whatever that indicates a document was added to a database using DTTG? Ideally, it would also indicate the name (or other identifier) of the device that added it.

Or, thinking of this more generically, an indication about how an item was imported to the database, such as via sync, share, or manual import.

You could possibly set up a smart rule to do that.

No, there is currently no specific metadata for that purpose.

You could add all data into DTTG with Shortcuts and automatically have the shortcut add meta-data that indicates a file was added through DTTG.

It does obviously require the discipline to always use the shortcut.

Assuming you add files, you can set this up as follows:

  • Create a shortcut and name it
  • Enable it in the iOS share sheet (press the … in the title)
  • Add the Create item action
  • Configure the Create item action:
    a) Choose ‘file’
    b) Choose a file name or set as variable
    c) Set the default location (usually the Global Inbox)
    d) Press ‘>’
    e) Click the file row, choose Magic Variable, choose the input of the shortcut
    f) Add a tag ‘DTTG’ or any tag(s) you want

Thanks for the detailed help. I agree that would be a workaround for files created in DTTG, and the cumbersome aspect could be tolerated, but mostly I add files to DTTG using the Share function. As far as I am imagining, this wouldn’t work for that.

If you enable the shortcut to be visible in the share sheet as described in the second step, you should be able to use the shortcut in all iOS Apps that offer the share button.

The ‘Clip to DTTG’ button obviously doesn’t work, but the result is very much the same, unless perhaps you are specifically adding webpages and want to capture the URL.

For your convenience, you can edit the share sheet and add the shortcut to the top of the list or drag it their if you edit the share sheet.