Metadata Overview on Group Level

I have a database where I maintain a considerable amount of custom metadata on the Group level.

I would like to be able to select a bunch of Groups and then run Create Metadata Overview to get a report on all of the metadata for those items.

The problem I have is that the report not only has a row for each Group, but also it lists each document in side those groups. I do not want to list those items in the report; I only want the metadata report at the Group level.

Is this possible?

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No, this is currently not possible. Development would have to assess this.

I would really like this, too. Although I have only selected groups, and the metadata report does contain the groups, I’ve found that it seems to include any files that are inside the group, too. This even seems to happen if I’m doing this from a smart group where the files themselves aren’t actually visible.

This is still the expected behavior from what we know. Your support for the different behavior is noted though.