Microsoft Edge browser: copy-paste bookmark

Hi there!

Have recently switched from Chrome to Edge as there are a few things I like better, and most things with DevonThink work just fine too. There is one issue, though.

While on Chrome, I could copy-paste a URL from the address bar into a DevonThink folder, and it would make a bookmark. The same effect could be had by highlighting and dragging a URL from the address bar into DevonThink.

On Edge though, when trying to do the same thing, I get an HTML Text file containing the URL instead. Is there a way to fix this so that it does create a bookmark instead?

Thanks so much!

I don’t have or use Edge on Mac, so I can’t attempt this to see what this is about. However to assist others who may be able to help, it would be good if you explain the exact steps you go through to get the URL into Edge–as there are many different ways to do this.

Thanks for the tip, I’ve edited it. I am taking it from the address bar.

Ah, found the solution on my own!

It happens because Edge automatically generates links when one copies the URL. It can be voided either by disabling the feature or pressing Shift+Command+V to paste instead.

In Edge’s “Settings” go to the “Share, copy, and paste” section and one can disable the automatic link generation. See How to disable Edge’s new URL copy and paste feature - The Verge

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Thanks for the follow-up!

I have another problem: the sorter does not recognize Edge as my default browser. Instead, it continues to show Safari as the default browser.

Microsoft Edge will be supported in the next update

Ok thanks