Microsoft Office 11 Import: E-Mail: Outlook

I am a beta tester for Microsoft Office and now have an issue with my work-flow. I can no longer use the File > Import > Email… as it doesn’t have a Microsoft Outlook option only Microsoft Entourage. Is this something that you are working on? Is there an alternative way to get these into DevonThink?


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Email import and Outlook (Office for Mac 2011)

At the moment, I drag my email onto the desktop then drag it into the sorter. Dragging from Outlook directly onto either sorter or dock icon imports email but not attachments. Dragging from Outlook to desktop to dock icon imports email and attachments, but you lose the subject of email. So until Devontechnologies implements Outlook import in a future version, the best workaround I’ve found is Outlook to desktop to sorter to preserve attachments and subject.