Microsoft Word and syncing

I’m quite new to DT (have DT Pro) and I just started syncing between my 2 computers by manually moving the database on a flash drive. But I’ve been reading some of the posts on this forum, and have realized to my horror that my Word documents (yes, I too still work in Word, for ease of transmission to more benighted others who use Windows :confused:) must be causing problems. I have two questions, based on what I’ve been reading:

  1. If I convert the Word files into PDFs before putting them into DT, does that solve the problem?

  2. When do we think 2.0 is coming out???



HD, your Word files are an exception, in that in Import capture they are not copied into the database package file.

So when you move the database from one computer to the other, the externally linked Word file on one computer isn’t available when the database is moved to a different computer.

Yes, if you convert a Word file to a PDF that solved the problem noted above.

No release date can be stated at the moment for DT Pro 2.0.

Thanks–that solves the problem for now.