Migrate all Instapaper content to Devonthink

Hi, new Devonthink user here.
I would like to migrate all my Instapaper content to Devonthink (so that I can cancel my Instapaper subscription and have all my content in one trusted place).
Is there a way to do this?
Best, Koen

Welcome to DEVONthink forum!

I’m not a user of Instapaper, but my best advice is that you look through Instagram’s menus and see if there is a way that they provide to export content to files that can reside on your computer, e.g. PDFs or something. If they don’t provide that feature, then perhaps search the 'net for “export Instapaper” for tools to do so. I can’t vouch for anything you find, of course!

The “trick” is to get the content out and onto your computer as recognised files. then you can import all that into DEVONthink.

Thanks for the swift response. Minor detail: it is ‘Instapaper’, not ‘instagram’.
Instapaper is a ‘read later’ app. Is there no Devonthink script to batch import content based on a list of URL’s?

Oops. Too many “insta’s” that I don’t use, I guess.

Same advice. Look for ways to export. You can search this forum for perhaps some scripts or prior discussions. I found lots of hits here just using the “instapaper” as the search word.

Good luck!

There might be – did you use the search function here? And then there’s the download manager, there are a bunch of scripts in DT’s script menu dealing with “Downloads”. Maybe one of them does what you want or can easily adopted to do that?

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Welcome @koen

Here’s an idea you can try…

  1. Click your email address on the Instapaper home page.
  2. Select Download.
  3. Choose RSS.
  4. Select and copy the URL on the page that opens.
  5. In DEVONthink, set Preferences > RSS > Feed Format to a desired format.
  6. Select the database where you want the articles.
  7. Select Data > New > Feed.
  8. Paste the URL, make any other changes, if desired, and press Okay.
  9. The feed will be created and add entries in the format you specified in the preferences.
  10. After this is done…
  • Move the entries out of the feed and remove the feed if you’re done with Instapaper.
  • Open the Tools > Inspectors > Generic Info inspector and change the Format to the format you set in the preferences, if you’re continuing to use Instapaper.
  1. Optionally, change the feed format in the preferences to Automatic or another format, if desired. We suggest Automatic as the default.

This won’t deliver the cleaned up Instapaper article(s) but it will deliver the pages in the specified format.

In the current (free) version of IP, that only gives the links and a summary of the last 10 pages as far as I can see.
I don’t know if one can get a more complete output by subscribing.