Migrate from DTTG2 to DTTG3

I had installed DTTG2 for a long time on my iPhone and iPad. Syncing one database via WebDAV.
Now I have installed DTTG 3 from App Store. After starting version 3 I see my database. But the settings for the sync store are not migrated. My sync store settings from v2 aren’t migrated to v3.
I tried removing v3 and reinstalling from app store. But that didn’t help.

So now I have DTTG2 with synced database and DTTG3 with a database without sync. And all changes from DTTG2 aren’t visible in DTTG3.

How do I get the sync settings migrated from DTTG2 to DTTG3?

I seem to remember the usual behaviour was for the sync settings to be migrated, and sync deactivated in DTTG2. But wouldn’t simply setting up sync anew in DTTG3 be the simplest & quickest solution?

Yes. I thought also I have read that settings will be migrated automatically. But now I have a database in DTTG3 without sync.
Is it possible to add the sync location in settings when the database already exists in DTTG3? Or should I delete the database in DTTG3 before adding the sync location?


Yes you can add the sync location at any time, regardless if the database is already in :DEVONthink To Go.

Thank you.
Added sync location on iOS for existing database. After sync ended with a mix from old, long deleted documents in my macOS database. Newly changed files aren’t synced to iOS.

At the end I deleted the database on my iPhone and iPad. Cleared the sync store on macOS. After clearing I had thousands of orphans in my database. Mainly from RSS feeds (feed already deleted 1 or 2 years ago).
After that I set up the sync and database on iPhone and iPad. After that I hope to have a clean sync store and that it is working without problems for the future.

Hoping that I didn’t loose any documents in my synced database.