Migrating tasks from OmniFocus to DEVONThink

Hey y’all,

I need to move task data from OmniFocus to DevonThink, while preserving the hierarchical organization of the tasks and subtasks, and all of the tasks’ notes and attachments. Does anyone know of someone who has done this, or something similar?


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Welcome @listenaddress

We have people sending data the other way but I don’t recall anyone attempting what you’re doing.
It’s potentially scriptable but what would be the expectation of the end result in DEVONthink?.


Thanks @BLUEFROG! Ya, I ended up writing a script for it. It’s on GitHub. Sorry, I can’t post links but here’s the username/repo-name on GitHub —> listenaddress/omnifocus-devonthink-task-migration.

GitHub - listenaddress/omnifocus-devonthink-task-migration: A script to migrate tasks from an OmniFocus Document to folders that can be imported into DEVONThink

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