Migrating to New Mac

I’ve been happily using DEVONthink with my MacBook Pro, syncing to my own WebDAV server so that I can use DEVONthink To Go. All is well.

Now, I just got a new M1 Mac mini. I installed DEVONthink on its hard drive and de-activated my license for my MacBook Pro.

To set up sync, what’s the best practice? Should I copy my DEVONthink databases from my MacBook Pro to the Mac mini or should I set up sync with the WebDAV server and ask it to sync with my Mac mini? Or does it matter?

Thanks for the guidance.

– Robert

I’m interested in the best practice
For myself, I have Bonjour running on the old Mac, and an iCloud sync store

Are you not using the MacBook any longer?

As I think my license covers just one device I’d prefer for that to be the new computer.

DT Pro is a two seat license afaik

OK, you’re right about that @chrillek. Thanks. When I first tried to register on my new computer I got a message that I had no more free seats available. I don’t know which of my old machines was still registered, but using the DT web site I’m now registered on both my new Mac mini and my older MacBook Pro.

@BLUEFROG Jim, sorry to be dense, but I’m still unsure of how best to access my DT databases from my new main device, the Mac mini. Is it best to copy them from the older device to the newer one. I, of course, want to be able to continue to sync with DT2G.

Sorry folks, I withdraw the question. I’ve worked it out on my own. Now syncing from the remote WebDAV store to the new computer.

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Glad you got it worked out!
There isn’t a required method in this case.
Copying the databases is viable. So is importing them from the sync location.

Thanks; for me - I’ll let sync do it’s thing (Bonjour and iCloud Cloudkit)

I need to dig into non-database DT items to be copied to the new Mac
(scripts, …)

When the old Mac get’s retired, I will turn Bonjour on at the New Mac