Migrating to New Mac

I’ve been happily using DEVONthink with my MacBook Pro, syncing to my own WebDAV server so that I can use DEVONthink To Go. All is well.

Now, I just got a new M1 Mac mini. I installed DEVONthink on its hard drive and de-activated my license for my MacBook Pro.

To set up sync, what’s the best practice? Should I copy my DEVONthink databases from my MacBook Pro to the Mac mini or should I set up sync with the WebDAV server and ask it to sync with my Mac mini? Or does it matter?

Thanks for the guidance.

– Robert

I’m interested in the best practice
For myself, I have Bonjour running on the old Mac, and an iCloud sync store

Are you not using the MacBook any longer?

As I think my license covers just one device I’d prefer for that to be the new computer.

DT Pro is a two seat license afaik

OK, you’re right about that @chrillek. Thanks. When I first tried to register on my new computer I got a message that I had no more free seats available. I don’t know which of my old machines was still registered, but using the DT web site I’m now registered on both my new Mac mini and my older MacBook Pro.

@BLUEFROG Jim, sorry to be dense, but I’m still unsure of how best to access my DT databases from my new main device, the Mac mini. Is it best to copy them from the older device to the newer one. I, of course, want to be able to continue to sync with DT2G.

Sorry folks, I withdraw the question. I’ve worked it out on my own. Now syncing from the remote WebDAV store to the new computer.

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Glad you got it worked out!
There isn’t a required method in this case.
Copying the databases is viable. So is importing them from the sync location.

Thanks; for me - I’ll let sync do it’s thing (Bonjour and iCloud Cloudkit)

I need to dig into non-database DT items to be copied to the new Mac
(scripts, …)

When the old Mac get’s retired, I will turn Bonjour on at the New Mac

New to Devonthink, need some help migrating to a new iMac. Limited computer skills by all accounts. 1 month ago was able to migrate to my laptop simply by downloading the app and using the bonjour and the synching feature in the DT preferences. Everything worked. On a new iMac21 I tried the same thing after removing the licence on my laptop. For some reason nothing is uploading ? What am I doing wrong ? And if I wanted to try this manually, what files do I need to copy ? Any way of using airdrop ? Thanks

Welcome @Montagnais

  • Do you still have the Mac you used Bonjour on?
    • If not, do you still have the laptop?
      • If so, you could enable Bonjour on it in DEVONthink’s Preferences > Sync, then connect the new iMac to it as a client. You could then download the databases from the Remote section of the databases list on the right of the sync location, just as you did with the laptop.

Thanks, not sure how I did it … but I did it. The bonjour options was not selected on my old Mac, and I selected the iCloud (cloud kit) and another option with the 3 triangle symbol … and Bob’s your uncle, it seems to have worked, Thanks

Excellent - glad to hear it! :slight_smile:

Please can someone assist.

Like the OP, I also have a new Mac, and have set it up from scratch … i.e. did not use migration assistant.
I no longer have access to the old mac.
Databases are synced using CloudKit, but I don’t see them in iCloud Driver, so can’t import them.
DT on the phone is working perfectly, so I am 100% sure the databases on on iCloud (somewhere!).

How do I get the databases on my new mac? Surely I should be able to connect to iCloud and download them?

Set up sync in your Mac using exactly the same parameters as on you price and start the sync.

I was hoping for for a bit more detail :roll_eyes:

Where exactly do you setup the sync parameters? I have the CloudKit box checked but the databases don’t show up there.

In Preferences > Sync e.g. when adding a new sync location. Or afterwards by selecting the sync location first and clicking on the Info button. Especially the encryption key has to be identical to the one used on the former Mac.

Got it now, thank you.
I assumed the encryption key would be a new one for the sync between the new machine and the cloud, my mistake.

Again, the side note… Sync is ​not ​a backup, neither advertised nor advocated as such. We strongly advocate proper primary backups using TimeMachine (or similar snapshot-style backup applications) and external drives. Also, you should read the series of articles we posted: DEVONtechnologies | Search & Find

And now that your new Mac is in your hands, it’s a perfect time to set up the backups :wink:

Yup, understood. I do have back blaze and a Time machine backup … just thought it would be easier to ‘pull’ the databases from iCould, then 100% sure everything is in sync.

It’s a slow process, but does work nicely once the settings are correct.