Mind maps

I think it could me y marvellous feature if one could have a grafical form of organization based on the mind mapping structure. Starting from a central point you can add branches an subbranches, label them an finally link the end points to specific documents stored in DT.

This would significantly simplify planning and structuring larger projects in advance!

What do you think about this feature (in a not too distant future)?
Yours, Alex

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thanks for the suggestion. DT Pro 1.9 will introduce some kind of automatic mind maps (based on semantic relationships of words or documents) and DT Pro 2.0 will probably add simple user-defined mind maps.

If its possible I would like to see (before) what kind of mind maps structure this will be. Maybe I can make some suggestions after working since 15 years with visual thinking/mindmapping tools and developing an interaktiv Mindmap-GUI (Trainingsmaps©) to learn easy and brain-friendly.



thank you for the offer but it’s actually not yet clear how the interface or the representation will look like (at the moment the user interface and its internal representation are revised for DT PE/Pro 1.9). However, the automatic mind maps of DT Pro 1.9 will be static and DT Pro 2.0 will need some more time. But if you’re interested in testing upcoming betas, just let me know.

Yes, I m intersted. What should I do?


See mail.

Mindmapping in DT… :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

A few weeks before MacWorld’05 I got a demo of another Mac-only AI for knowledge management. (It’s not available to the general public, unfortunately. I’d like to have both it and DT if I could.)

It has two features that I’d like to see in DT - relationship mapping in 3D space (very easy to visualize), and GIS mapping. If you’re interested in seeing screenshots I can post a url.

Thanks for the offer but probably posting screenshots would break some NDAs (as the beta isn’t available to the public). If that’s not the case, screenshots would be of course welcome.

I should have been more clear. Screenshots are posted openly on their website. http://www.mitopia.com/products.htm Go to the rollovers for Visualize Relationships and Visualize Geographically and view.

thank you for the link!

wow… can’t wait for the mapping features… that may be a great tool…