Mindjet file format readable?

Dear all,
as I have read in a previews post here, the mindmanager file format .mmap should be readable by DTP. However, I have installed all extensions (and did it again, to make sure), but DTP isn’t able to read the file. Can somebody help me on that issue?
(DTP 2.3.2, Mindmanager 8.0.201)


I’ve noticed this with MindManager 9.x, also.

Over here the cause seems to be .mmap files that I create after importing something into MindManager or converting some other file type to .mmap. Sometimes QuickLook previews work with .mmap files, sometimes they don’t. Since DEVONthink merely uses the QuickLook bundle that MindJet provided (that is, DEVONthink doesn’t have any code of its own that previews files other than text or RTF) then DEVONthink cannot do any better with these until MindJet corrects the bug. Have you posted to their forum?

Dear korm,
I haven’t posted my question there, but I will. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the fast reply,