Minor cosmetic issue: font in sidebar / lists


This is minor in the scheme of things, of course, but…

We’ve lost the ability to specify the font used in the side bar and list views – it’s now some variety of proportional font, with no option to change it (size apart).

I fully understand that niceties like this get lost at major upgrade time, but it would be good to have it back soonish…

The use case? If you use a fixed-format-but-variable-content prefix as part of your naming strategy (e.g. a date) it’s much clearer to have the prefix always being the same size, rather than the width fluctuating according to the letters/numbers used. The name is basically plain text any way, so looking nice is less important…

As I said, minor, but it would be nice to have the old ability back to specify the font (or at least offer a monospace alternative.)


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The request is noted, but no promises.

+1 for allowing change/increase of font size in sidebar and list views (for accessibility reasons)

The size can be changed via Preferences > General > Appearance.

+1 would highly appreciate an option to select a duplexed font, so that numerals take the same width, regardless whether it’s e.g. a bold 0 or a regular 1.

The request is noted.