Minor Display Issues - Favorites and Columns Partially Hidden


I’ve been occasionally encountering a couple of display problems on DEVONthink, whereby the top section of some panels is cut off. I have to scroll down to see the top item, and when I stop scrolling, the item disappears.

Here’s a short video:
Screen Recording 2021-05-16 at 11.33.53 AM.zip (1.9 MB)

The columns are also partially hidden:

Generally speaking, when I encounter this issue, I have to close the window and open a new one. I’d prefer being able to resolve the problem without doing this, however, so any help would be appreciated!


  • Are you in full screen or split screen when you see this?
  • Is it consistently reproducible?

In addition, which version of macOS do you use? 11.3.1?

I’m in full screen when I see this. I’m running macOS 11.2.3 - I guess I should update.

I haven’t been able to figure out yet how to reproduce the issue. I’ll post again when I do.

Indeed you should. :slight_smile: