Minor issue with group templates

This is not a major problem. It’s more of a quirk.

I can highlight a half-dozen empty folders and export them as a template.

Actions → New from template → my group template will then plop a copy of the group structure in wherever I’m sitting in a DT database. Very cool.

However, if some groups are subgroups of others in the exported template, the import has a funny quirk.

The subgroups appear in the structure where they should be, but also appear as replicants at the top level of the templated group.

Should a group template create new replicants?

@cgrunenberg: I confirmed the behavior here.

A screenshot of the selection before exporting the template would be useful, thanks.

I see, both groups and their children have to be selected before exporting. It’s actually an export issue, next release will fix this. In the meantime just select the enclosing groups before exporting.

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It happens if you select a group and a subgroup…


Ahh… you beat me to it :slight_smile:

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