Mirroring and not syncing? Conflict resolution rules?

I have begun to use DevonThink 2.5 sync between my Macs by LAN.

It seems it’s more a mirroring than a sync.
In particular, the conflict resolution proposes to choose between Mac A and Mac B the one to give priority to.
But the choice is not explained and, for me, the results seem a bit unprectitable.
When there are lots of files and lots of RSS feeds, I am not able to know in advance what is going to happen. Nor am I able to understand after the sync what has exactly happened.

It seems I am not the only one who would like to understand: Sync beta: what should I expect?

Where can I find a tutorial or a documentation about DevonThink 2.5 syncing?

It IS a mirror. In case of conflicts, it is up to you to know and decide what file takes precedence over another.

If it’s a mirror, please call it a mirror and not a sync.

On this website, the DevonThink team writes:

DevonThink Sync.png

It would be easier “to know” what I am doing and “to decide” what to do with some contextual help, a description somewhere of the sync rules, some explanation about how work the conflict resolution rules, some documentation or a dedicated tutorial.

A word to the wise is enough !