Missing customizable Columns/Metadata:which best workaround?

Hello folks.
I’m a newbie of DTPO, but I’m already a fan of it. A fan, but actually a little bit disappointed fan because DT (still) miss some important basic features, such the possibility to have custom metadata/columns.

Reading through the forum, I’ve read that this is a promised “next-version” feature since 2006, but it is still a next-to-come feature. So assuming that in a (near?) future we will finally have it available, what is the best suggested practice, in the meantime, to store custom information in the now-available metadata fields, so you can add files and custom information to database today, being sure to be able to automate the process of importing those data in the future official custom fields through, for example, an applescript?

I have, as many of us, a collection of thousand scientific articles to import from Papers/Sente to DTPO, and therefore there is a lot of work to do to add manually ratings/authors/dates/journals/etc for every file imported in DTPO, work that must not be replicated tomorrow just because today there isn’t an official way to do this, so I’m looking for a good start.

If there was not one already available, we could start a new thread to discuss how to develop an AppleScript to import metadata from Papers in DTPO, using for example the DTPO “Comment” field where to store automatically Papers/Sente metadata with some kind of prefixing that another script can recognize and import, tomorrow, in the future official custom fields.

(I imagine something like:
@Title:“title of the paper”, @Autors:“semicolon separated names”, @Rating:"*****" @DOI:“nnnn”, …
and so on)

Any hints?

Of course, if by chance the developers tell us that will be available very shortly a new version of DTPO with custom columns/medatada implemented, I’ll not waste work and time, and I’ll wait for this version for importing my files and for developing the script that reads the metadata from Papers.

Unfortunately this won’t be available anytime soon as there are currently more important things to add like 64-bit support, form views or synchronizing databases between computers via (W)LAN/WebDAV/MobileMe.

Mr. President, can we hope (or suggest) that Dropbox will be a supported platform for syncing DT databases? It is light-years ahead of the iDisk in terms of speed (delta syncing), flexibility (time machine support) and reliability (no comment), and an API is readily available. The first 2gigs are also free…

I second the sugestion for customizable additional fields for documents. This would be very handy come tax time for many of us. Just my two cents for what its worth. Thanks for the amazing functionality of DT!