Missing Document


After having to reboot my computer, I found that at least one rtf document in my database is missing.  This is a rtf (not rtfd) document that was created as a note inside Devon Think.  

The document is there, but the contents are gone.  In this case, the document is rather important.  I had noticed other irregularities recently, but had not followed up on them, because the contents of the documents in question are easier to replace.

I will revert to a backup of the database.  

While I appreciate the efforts Devon is making to add new features to the software, and understand that it may seem like the vitality of the company depends on adding new features, and realize that you are diligently pursuing bug-fixes at Devon, I believe that significantly more of the development attention needs to be spent on basic quality control.  Some recent examples of behavior that should be avoided:

–Documents should not disappear from the database
–Documents should not exhibit changes when stored in database (such as losing formatting)
–The database should most definitely not offer to change format, and crash in the middle of doing so.
–Database should not crash while editing files in it.
–Conversions to and from formats such as HTML should work correctly.
–Behaviour with respect to external files should be useful to the user.

Thank you.

I neglected to mention that I tried all ways that are suggested in the manual to recover the files in question, with no success.

Thank you.