Missing Files in Files App


when I try to access some files through the Files App (or other apps that utilizes the Files API), I don’t have access to all the files in the groups. Moreover, whenever I open a group via the Files App, I get a different selection of files (or nested groups).

As far as I can tell, this happens more often with files that have been replicated. Files that only have one iteration seem to work fine.

Is there anything I could do to improve that (apart from not using replicants)?

Thanks a lot!

Do you use shallow sync? If yes, shallowly synced files are not presented to the Files.app because they’d require downloading on demand.

I don’t think so. Everything is downloaded everytime. I have one group with 28 PDFs in it, all of which are downloaded. Only about 12 to 16 show up at a time, everytime I open the Folder it’s a different set of PDFs that show up.

But, the Group is a replicant, and the files in it are replicants, too.

Replicants don’t matter, in DEVONthink To Go item simply can have mutiple parents, even though most have just one.

Do the remaining items turn up after some more moments? The Files app requests items one by one from the providing app so it might take a while to collect them all.

Some files show up after a few seconds, but it stops after some time, with still files missing.

Next question: Are your databases large and your iOS device an older one with less RAM than the modern ones? The File Extension Provider mechanism is extremely memory-sensitive and this phenomenon could be relateed to the collection process being stopped by iOS for memory consumption.

In DTTG it says my database is 4.2 GB, on my Mac it says 2 GB. Both tell me I have 978 items in there.

(Although in the Info panel in DTTG it tells me I use 2.73 GB for both my databases.)

I’m on iOS 11.2.5, DTTG 2.4.3. I’m using an iPad Pro 10.5". I believe it’s still the most recent model.

I just tested it on my other significantly smaller database (just under 200 MB). Everything seems to be fine there.

Then it’s a memory issue it seems. Could you, maybe, send us the logs that DEVONthink To Go provides when you choose ? > Contact Us and email them to our support? Thank you.

Sure thing! Thanks a lot!