missing font error when clipping web page

I clipped a web page using the DT Safari extension and was treated to this message:Screen Shot 2017-05-02 at 5.42.12 AM.png

Is this to be expected? I cancelled, for fear that the font could have contained malware …

The latest versions of macOS’ WebKit framework might automatically download fonts on their own but it’s not really necessary.

Not sure what you mean. I’m asked whether I should allow this – so it’s not automatic. And why is this only happening with DTP?

Consider yourself lucky that it only happens with DEVONthink. Over here, I have a half dozen apps that trigger this request, usually for a variety of fonts.

It’s a bug of 10.12.4. If you check in FontBook (a macOS utility) you’ll see that the font(s) are installed. It’s no harm to reinstall it, but it’s pointless. DEVONthink has nothing to do with the error.