Missing information in the inspector pane, but not in the files listing


I have a number of files, primarily PDF and Markdown, living in a small hiearchy of groups. The markdown files link out to the groups and to the PDFs for note-taking. The PDFs are mostly web-page captures with annotations and outbound links.

In the main DevonThink window, the file list view with columns shows that for these files there are in/outbound links, and it shows the number of annotations in the PDF for the files.

What I’m seeing is that when I am navigating in the main DevonThink window, the inspector pane is not consistently surfacing inbound or outbound links for the PDF files. It is also not showing the list of PDF annotations. I’ve checked the inspector window, and the file I’ve highlighted in the file list that shows as having links and annotations, and the name of the file in the Info tab of the inspector pane match in the main DevonThink window. The other tabs of the inspector pane just seem to be empty when I do this in the main window.

If I open any one document with DevonThink’s PDF or Markdown editors, the inspector will show all the data consistently.

Any thoughts on how to address?



Screen captures could be helpful.

These should show the issue pretty well for one of the files.

The name of an item in the database and the title of the document are actually independent. E.g. the title PDF/RTF documents is also not necessarily identical to the filename.

Hi! understood on the file naming. For the purposes of this, I was just trying to show that the the item selected in the file list was the item I’m trying to observe information on in the various info panels in the main window and is also the file I’m looking at in the editor.

What I am/was seeing is that on DTP 3.6.1, I can click on any file in the list and not get any of the data in the info panes showing up. No annotations, no links, etc within the main window. And then I do see the data when I open that same file in the TD editor and open the info pane.

An update: This weekend, I couldn’t see info on either of my Macs. This morning, I restarted both, and on my iMac with Big Sur, everything seems to be functioning properly. On my MacBook Pro 13" with Catalina, I’m still not seeing any data in the info panes when I click a file that know has, e.g., links, annotations, etc.

Seems intermittent and I don’t know what causes or corrects this. The screenshot accurately show the problem / missing information. I took them in the iMac + Big Sur showing it not working. And now it does work on the iMac. I could today produce similar not working screenshots on my MacBook where the info isn’t showing up in the main window, and it’s not working.

Over here it works if you make sure to also preview the selected record.

Not sure whether it’s intentional that annotations and links are not visible when the selected record isn’t also previewed, however the greyed out info in the document inspector in your first image is normal.

BINGO! Yes. That is the difference. With no preview pane the info panes don’t show information. Is this by design, an option, or a defect? I was thinking defect, as I should not be able to show the info pane if it’s not actually going to populate, e.g., unless a preview pane is visible.

Also noticed that it’s the Document, Content, and Search panes that don’t populate unless a document preview is visible. The other panes do: Info, Annotations & Reminders, Concordance, See Also & Classify

It is not a bug or defect. Certain inspectors require the view/edit pane to be showing.

I wonder if that’s a note that should go into the help sections for those views? I did read the help looking for clues, but didn’t see anything that made it as clear as what I’ve learned here. E.g., You must be previewing or editing a document for this inspector to show relevant information.

I’ll think about this for the documentation.