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DTTG on my iPad started logging “Missing manifest” errors when trying to sync with my WebDAV server. This doesn’t happen on my iPhone. I’ve removed the sync store from the iPad and added all credentials from scratch but the problem persists. Please help.


Please verify the sync store, either from your iPhone or your Mac. Do you use MagentaCloud, by any chance, or another Stratus-hosted service in Germany?

My sync store is on a personal WebDAV server at my home.

When I verify the sync store in DTPO (on my Mac), I get: “Broken or not yet complete data structure of database “Inbox””.

Now what?


What kind of WebDAV server do you use? The only possibility to fix this is to clean the sync store (see e.g. contextual menu in Preferences > Sync) and to upload the database(s) again.

I am running WebDAV from Apache 2.4.18 on Ubuntu Server 16.04.4 on a machine at my home.

It works flawlessly, most of the time. This is the second time, I think, I get a corrupt DT sync store in 6 months of usage. Not the end of the world, but IMHO there should be some additional error checking to reduce the possibility of such a thing happening (my main DT database is 9 GB, not huge but not a trivial thing to upload).


Could you please choose Help > Report Bug while pressing the Alt modifier key and send the email to cgrunenberg - at - devon-technologies.com? Thanks in advance!

Sure, but I wouldn’t know what to report, other than a summary of this topic. Is this what you need? I’ve already cleaned the database and I’m uploading it again as I write this.

EDIT: I see the Report Bug automatically attaches some logs. The “console.log” file is 25mb, almost the entirety of which is just this line repeated thousands of times:

“failed to parse embedded CMap.”

Do you need 25mb of this or should I edit it for you? There is some useful information at the top and bottom of the file, but it’s a tiny fraction of the file size (edited size is 93 kb…)

These messages are logged by the PDFKit framework, usually in case of unsupported features but also in case of corrupted PDF documents. Anyway, only the crash logs and the Sync.log file are of interest, you can remove the Console.log file from the email. Thanks!

OK I’m sending you the mail. Lots of personal data in there, I trust you dispose of it when you’re done :slight_smile:


Success! I had the missing .manifest file errors in the logs, and items that were not syncing from one mac (I sync between 2 macs and 2 iOS devices).

  1. I used the “Verify Database Thoroughly” command from the Sync preference pane in DEVONThink 2.9.17 and there was an entry in the log stating “broken or not yet complete data structure of database.”
  2. I closed DT on all other machines and ran the “Clean database…” command from the Sync preference pane on the machine that had items that weren’t syncing.
  3. After the database had been successfully uploaded to the sync location (dropbox), I launched DT on the other Mac and all items synced successfully.
    Thank you to the other forum posters and Jim in customer support for helping to restore syncing!
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You’re welcome! :smiley:

Same problems for me, it’s been months that I get missing .manifest errors.
It’s sad, it should just work.

The issue is not with our sync engine. These are generally cause by poor network conditions or slow / unresponsive / unreliable servers. Those are things we can’t control, though we have engineered things to be as robust as possible in most conditions.


Just want to mention that I experience the same issue.
I use Magenta Cloud. However the issue happens only on one of the databases. The Global Inbox in the same sync store and another database in a second sync store on the same Magenta Cloud do not have this problem. All were set up with the same (latest) Devonthink release.

In our experience, MagentaCloud is fast but not very reliable.

I understand. Do you have a recommendation then? The data needs to be stored by a German / European Cloud Storage Provider. And setting up my own cloud is not an option.

@jhorton - so you ran (1) verified *(thorough) and (2) clean database on both your computers - then the 2x IOS worked without further effort?

Correct. I didn’t have to do anything with the iOS devices as part of the fix. I haven’t had sync issues between any of the machines over the past 7 months.

I have a similar issue but on my Mac recently using Cloudkit for sync. I did a verify and repair and found no error on the database. 99091.log.zip (792 Bytes)

Log file attached for details.

Any advice appreciated

@BLUEFROG , are you able to help on the missing manifest issue. The errors keep coming in non stop but apparently all databases still checked out to be fine (no error)