Missing Pane

I am having a weird and slightly annoying problem with one of my databases in DT Pro.

I normally use the 3-pane view, but the left pane that shows the groups keeps disappearing. This does not happen in all databases, but just this one. When I click on that database, I see only the top pane with the files and the bottom pane with the file content. The groups are gone. I can get the pane back by requesting ‘New Window,’ but when I next open the db, the pane is gone again.

I have quit and restarted DT, used Verify and Repair, Backup and Optimize, and updated to the most recent version.

Perhaps I am missing something?

Thanks for your help.

Does the Group pane say ‘No Groups’ as pictured below? If so, you are focused on a particular group in the database. If the pane is missing completely, then it has been resized to hide the pane. In either case, select the ‘Go>Top Group’ menu and see if that corrects the view.

It does not say “No groups.”
When I selected Go / Top Group, it did not correct.
There is simply no panel there.

I suspect that the panel is there, but that it is hidden. Assuming that you don’t have a saved Workspace that restores this view at launch, you should be able to resolve this by opening a new window that does show the groups pane, and close the window that does not.

No workspace saved.
Indeed, I am able to get the panel back by opening a new window, but the problem recurs. The next time I open the window, the panel is missing.

I’m at a loss to suggest anything else to try as I don’t recall anyone posting a similar issue here before. At this point you may want to open a support ticket and refer to this thread.