Missing PDF pages overview (thumbnails)


I was just about to rearange the pages in some of my PDF files and noticed that I can no longer see the page thumbnails in any of the documents.
Could it be due to a setting I accidentally changed?

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Do you use Monterey? Then it’s a known issue of its PDFkit framework. The next release of DEVONthink will include a workaround.

Yes I use Monterey.
Good, then it is an already known problem. In a quick search I had not found anything in the forum.
Thanx for the information.

I think I have seen that the problem was solved once in the meantime. But now I miss the PDF thumbnails again. Is this known or a particular problem only at me ?

In what PDF editing app are you seeing this? Are you sure you have in the “View” menu turning on Thumbnails? Perhaps show a simple screen shot here?

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I talking about the 3rd tab in the inspector bar. It doesn’t show anything anymore on non of my documents

Repeating above, a screen shot of what you see when you see this problem would be useful.

Is the view/edit pane displaying the currently selected PDF? If not, it should be.

Okay, my mistake. I wasn’t aware that the preview had to be enabled in the main window for anything to be displayed on this tab. Thanks :slight_smile:

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No worries and you’re welcome.