Missing View in DT3 - this feature was so wonderful in DT2

Just to add my voice here too:

  • I will upgrade to DT3, but not immediately - it seems to disrupt my way of working all too much

  • At the moment the benefits are not clear at all (to me)

  • The main reason being that I absolutely want my 3-pane view back

  • I am investigating analogous software solutions such as e.g. Keep It

  • Question: Is there a DT-3 manual available in PDF format?

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For the access of groups and items, I find that the the combination view of image and image and image and image is pretty much similar to and even more convenient/faster than the same operations in 2.n.

However, I think there is a good reason for asking for 3-pane view, but the solution is not necessarily to bring back the the 3-pane view.

The main difference between the sidebar of 2.n and 3.0 is the way the global and non-group/item related elements (such as inboxes, tags, and smart groups) are accessed.
In 2.n, the sidebar is only used to access the global level elements. Once a database is clicked/selected in 2.n sidebar, the side-pane in the 3-pane view is taking care of the access of all database-specific elements (inbox, tags, smart groups, groups) and most actions (e.g., selection/expansion of tree/rename) can be executed by keyboard keys. This arrangement is more convenient in a one-window environment - particularly when users need/only need to focus on one database, such as setting up a new db or to reorganise the db structure.

In 3.0, the sidebar is used to access the non group/item elements at global and database level. I find my self using more combination of clicks and keys to search for the non-group/item database level elements during the setup and reorganisation process. And I find myself using two-windows in most of the time (one for items and another window for setting up tags and rules and groups) But once the structure of the db is stabilised, 3.0 actually speed up the access/edit/search of items.

So I guess it’s a change of habit by (1) using two main windows more in 3.0, at least at the stage of new db setup and db structure organisation, and (2) utilising more on the combination of different views and bread-crumb path bar to jump around. I also find ctrl-cmd-g and ctrl-cmd-m extremely handy - I hope there will be a ctrl-cmd-t for tags!.
In the future, DT can find a way to make it easier for use to access all of the database-specific elements in one place.

Every users are different, I am just sharing my own experience.

The Go > Go to Group… panel can be detached and afterwards used e.g. for drag & drop.


I cannot understand why a feature (3 pane view) has been abolished. Having optional views is fine.

Pretty sure I just replicated the 3-pane view ALMOST exactly, and certainly as close as is presently possible in DT3.

Please see:

Can you show us a screen shot, please?

@apoc527 has posted screenshots, over in the other thread. But you can click on the little blue numbers ([51] and [59]) in his post above, to view them here.

The column which shows separately all documents of a group. This is the most important collection for me.