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I don’t think I’m ‘disturbed’ by the picture I posted… what ‘disturbs’ me, is when I have DT3 open, when it’s NOT the foremost app, it’s ‘behind’ another app window… I then go ‘into’ Mission Control, and ‘try’ to select DT3, but I can’t. Well, not the 1st time. I have to enact Mission Control ‘again’… and it seems to work, on the 2nd or 3rd try. It’s weird. It appears to be a ‘bug’ of some kind, but I don’t know what.

I mean, I can select DT3 successfully, only on the 2nd or 3rd try.

no other app does this, or, this doesn’t happen whenever I have any other app open. I can ‘always’ enact Mission Control, and get to the app I want, the 1st time… this probably needs a screencast to record the effect. But the files are too big, I have to be conscious of security issues, and it takes uploading, etc, etc…

Anyway… :partying_face: :tada: :tada:

So what happens when you follow BLUEFROG and do the three finger swipe up and down either or hit Command-Tab to reach DT3? That is most straightforward and might well become your favorite method instead of visiting a messy Mission Control.


My ‘at home’ setup, has my laptop ‘raised’ off the desk, and I use a bluetooth keyboard and mouse to navigate my MacBook Pro. Although the trackpad is not out of reach… it’s not something I want to be reaching for, on the times I want to get to DT3. And although I know about Command-TAB when I’ve got 5 or 6 apps open, using that method I also find distracting… Every ‘other’ time, and with every ‘other’ app… I do it ‘this’ way. Now I have to remember… for this one app… to do it that way?

I use ‘Hot Corners’ to access Mission Control… so, a mouse swipe into the bottom left corner gives me Mission Control. I point and click my way around my apps. That’s my chosen method.

The point is… DT3 has only just begun acting this way, and it’s the only app to do it. ‘Something’ (and I don’t know what it is or could be)… isn’t right.

Continuing the discussion from Mission Control:

odds are, not DT3 but your Mojave Mission Control causes your headaches. And BLUEFROG’s suggestions point into the right direction.

Why don’t you go to the dock, click the DT3 icon and select Assign to from the menu. Assign DT3 to desktop 123. Henceforth simple mouse clicks on dock>DT3 might well cure your headaches. Fingers crossed & A happy New Year from bjj1

Sort of necro-posting, but I have the exact same issue. I’m on latest MacOS 12.5, and DT3 is the only app that seems to have apps jump in front of it when swapping from mission control. The behavior is repeatable.

Usually it’s not something I notice because I often have an entire screen dedicated to DT3; but when working on one screen, it gets quite frustrating.

Screen Recording 2022-08-04 at 11.07.04 AM

While I don’t understand the MacOS workings at a developer level, I find it more believeable that this is somehow a DT3 behavior, and not a system one (considering every other app behaves in the intended manner).

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Welcome @lloyd094

  • Are you on a multi-monitor setup?

  • Is there a specific app that shows in front of ours?

The screen recording was taken on my sole laptop (no external screens).

I just ran through my normally used applications and the only one that seemingly causes the same issue over and over is the default Mail app. This could mean Mail may be part of the problem, but it only seems to happen with DT3 still.

Hope that helps!

Thanks. We’ll see if we can reproduce it but we’ve had no luck this far.

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Thank You… for the validation.

It appeared that I was the only person on the planet, this was happening to… :joy:

I don’t even ‘use’ Devonthink anymore… waste of money, for me.

I’m sorry to hear that; I seem to remember you put some effort into adapting to the system. Did it turn out to be the wrong tool for the job for you?

(This is OT with regard to the original post; but it was your post, so if you’re ok with it, then so am I…)

Sorry to hear it didn’t work out for you. Beyond this problem, DT3 is priceless for me: I use it to keep track of my client folders constantly, and its database functions are pretty phenomenal for finding the right stuff.

I use it as a glorified and controlled file manager, but it’s amazing at that.

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Devonthink is rock solid here. I keep looking at certain features other products offer. In the end, I always return to DT.

I’m a treasurer for a non-profit corporation. That’s non profit as in 501(c)3, not like Enron or anything like that.

Devonthink is a great help. I could do the job without it, but it’s a critical component.

One thing I like is the integrated web server I almost never use. Just the fact it’s there helps, because I periodically remind our Board that any time they want to review records I can open them up to their web browsers. An expensive feature? Probably. Peace of mind? Priceless.


It kinda felt like I was “asking the wrong question” in the end… by that, I felt myself going down too many rabbit holes, and it was a LOT more work for little payback. Perhaps with my age, my brain is less malleable? I can’t help but sound like an ‘oldie’ when I say… “back in MY day… you rang up, and ‘spoke’ to someone about your problem, and they directed you to the RIGHT place”… these days… weeding and trolling through websites, FAQ’s, Knowledge Bases, Reading Reddit threads, watching youtube videos… and still not finding what I want… it’s just too time consuming.

I was severely disappointed in the ‘cloud’ options too. I already pay, for Microsoft 365 which gives me 1TB of server based space. But I can’t use it with Devonthink iPhone app, I sadly found out, after buying the iPhone app. I don’t understand webdav, I don’t want to pay for iCloud or DropBox… these options don’t work for me. I’ve done a Bonjour workaround, but even that took WEEKS to sort out… just horrendous amount of time to make it work… searching forums… blah, blah…

I was desperately trying to make the jump from Paperless (the app) to DT3, but after many attempts to get it into a useable database, I gave up… then, I found a program called ‘Receipts’ Receipts Mac App - Collects your documents (receipts-app.com)
Which has streamlined a lot of my receipt taking. I haven’t been able to retrospectively catalogue all of my Paperless years… and doing so on either DT3 or Receipts, seems a little stupid. So here I am, in no mans land between all of these apps… but for the most part, Receipts is working like a treat.

It’s interesting how ‘bad’ I feel considering all I see and read about here, is how FANTASTIC devonthink is… to be at the place where I find it totally useless. I feel like I need to explain myself… but perhaps it’s more about my abilities and personality than the apps?.. Who knows?

I can’t even remember the last time I opened DT3?

Sadly, I went the ‘whole hog’ on the Devonthink suite… and I barely use any of it… they all sit dormant on my computer…

Screen Shot 2022-08-07 at 10.26.42