Mission Control

Whenever I have ‘mult-apps’ viewable in Mission Control, if I try to select DT3, instead of bringing DT3 to the front, a ‘different’ app jumps to the front. Very disorienting… I’ve just started noticing this.

MBP 10.14

It might be worth mentioning which macOS this is on.

Sorry, MBP = MacBook Pro
10.14 = OS 14.6 = Mojave

I’m on the up-to-date macOS 12.0.1 with DEVONthink 3.8 and do not see the issue you report. I have no explanation for you just starting to notice it now. I’ve never seen it work incorrectly over a few years with various versions of macOS and DEVONthink.

Perhaps reboot? Perhaps upgrade macOS? Maybe it’s the “other app” that is mis-behaving?

Or perhaps I should read what’s there properly… I read your post as an MBP purchased October 2014 :see_no_evil: I need a vacation.

On topic: does this only happen with DT?

It does seem to hint perhaps at a recent OS update?.. Obviously they (Apple)… are now pushing out Monterey universal updates, (attempting to be backwards compatible?)…

I’ve been through a few re-boots… and yes, it could be ‘another’ app causing the issue. I seem to ‘only’ notice it when I have DT3 open though. And it’s not something that causes a stop… just a ‘bump’ to smooth app changing.

Since my MacBook is a 2013 model… I’ve purposely stuck with Mojave as a working OS with the majority of my apps… keeping functionality with older apps.

There was a time when many apps simply did not work on Catalina. Over time I believe all were overcome… I’ve just been hesitant… and jumping to OS 11?.. or even 12? There’s a 12 now?? I know that the jump from OS 10 to 11 was some kind of fundamental bus, speed, system architecture re-jig… thingy… something I’ve kind of held out on - the thought that I might ‘upgrade’ my machine… sadly, $$$ is a major factor.

I haven’t seen any macOS updates for a while … yes, it’s possible one of the many you report is culprit. Dunno. Best to ask Apple, I guess.

Yeah, if only that was as easy as picking up the phone… :joy:

I posted here ‘first’ in the hope that somebody else might be experiencing and noticing…

Note we don’t have any, uh… control over Mission Control. :smiley:

Mission Control is handled by the operating system, not the displayed application.


“I’ll set ‘em up…. You knock ‘em down… deal?” :joy::joy::joy:

Deal. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi MickeyT9,
Mission Control is not easy to control, hence the name. You can control some of its behavior in SysPref, others by right clicking the miss-behaving app’s icon in the dock and selecting your choices from the Options menu opening. Try Assign there and see what’s happening but be warned, it’s anything but predictable.

Welcome @bjj1
I actually assign several apps to their own spaces and it works well enough that I’ve done it for a few years now. :slight_smile:

If you’re disturbed just by the picture you show you’re in luck. That shows all the screens you created previously when in Mission Control. The Standard keys for showing that screen are ctrl>arrow-up: your handful of chosen desktops with their presently opened app windows will show, ctrl>arrow-down will make them go away (see more choices / options in SysPrefs).

Modern OSs have introduced a bar above showing their Mission Control numbers. Also, moving your cursor toward the upper edge might bring up what you show (?). Clicking on one of these desktop opens that desktop in full screen. If you remember the number of the desktop you came from, ctrl>arrow-up lets you choose your desktop by numbers in the bar. A three-finger swipe to the right / left will get you there as well. (nb No, I do not work for Apple)

Hi, don’t you get into troubles when you want to move a window from an assigned desktop to another while working with two screens?

No because I don’t do that :blush:

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Life style is key!

I actually three finger swipe up and down often .and Command-Tab a lot :slight_smile:

That’s a winner, Happy New Year, Sir!

Same to you and yours! :heart: :slight_smile: