Mixed sync with Bonjour and icloud dropbox

just curious about thoughts on this scenario. i generally use bonjour to sync between 2 MacBooks and 1 iPad Air. but occasionally i am away from one or the other of the machines or ipad. i have used dropbox and icloud in the past. what might the pros and cons be to using both Bonjour and an icloud/dropbox sync?

assuming iCloud works for you, just do it. Pro is it works. Con? dunno. Try it. if DEVONthink could not handle multiple sync methods would they not have prohibited that in the configuration?

i do not use iCloud. but i have three. Bonjour and a webdav on the local network. and dropbox but that useless to me as i am no longer “allowed” to travel or work in coffee shops.

No cons, works fine.

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